5 Remarkable Benefits of NMN Supplements & How You Can Use Them To Achieve Optimal Health and Longevity

Here’s why healthy age-conscious people are trying and sticking with this new supplement and calling it "The Fountain of Youth"

06/14/23 | Sam Hong

1. Slowing Down Aging Processes

NMN has garnered attention for its potential anti-aging effects. Research published in the journal Science (2013) showed that NMN supplementation in mice led to improvements in a variety of age-related physiological decline markers, including glucose intolerance, mitochondrial dysfunction, and gene expression patterns. These findings suggest that NMN has the potential to slow down certain aspects of the aging process.

Scientists are mind blown at the effectiveness.

2. Cardiovascular Health Benefits

NMN has demonstrated potential cardiovascular benefits through its effects on blood vessels and heart function. A study published in the journal Circulation Research (2017) found that NMN supplementation improved endothelial function and reduced arterial stiffness in aged mice. Endothelial dysfunction and arterial stiffness are both associated with increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, making these findings significant in the context of cardiovascular health.

3. Improved Metabolic Health

NMN has shown promise in improving metabolic health by influencing key metabolic pathways. Research published in the journal Nature Communications (2019) revealed that NMN supplementation enhanced insulin sensitivity, reduced body weight, and improved lipid metabolism in mice on a high-fat diet. These findings suggest that NMN may have potential benefits for individuals struggling with metabolic disorders such as obesity and diabetes.

4. Enhanced Cognitive Function

Studies have suggested that NMN supplementation may have positive effects on cognitive function and neuroprotection. A study published in the journal Cell Reports (2017) demonstrated that NMN administration improved cognitive function by enhancing hippocampal neurogenesis and improving cerebral blood flow. These findings imply that NMN may hold promise as a potential intervention for age-related cognitive decline.

5. Enhanced Cellular Energy Production

NMN supplementation has been found to boost cellular energy production by increasing the levels of a coenzyme called NAD+ (nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide). NAD+ is crucial for various cellular processes, including energy metabolism. A study published in the journal Cell Metabolism (2019) demonstrated that NMN supplementation increased NAD+ levels, resulting in improved mitochondrial function and enhanced energy production.

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